We Specialize in Social Media Design, Search Engine Marketing, Photography,  Video Marketing & Google Review

Dejitaru Studio was founded by Christy in 2015.

We are focus on digital campaign and social media management, Social media ads, Google ads, photography, Video marketing, website and Google review. 

We also do some collaboration with influencer & buzzer for our client.

Our studio based in BSD Tangerang, Indonesia.

We have a mission to connect brands and consumer using the power of social media.

Christy Anggraini

Creative Director

Ken Samara

SEM Specialist

Nia Suniati


Hafiz Rachman


Anindya Paramitha

Social Media Specialist


Social Media Management, Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Video Marketing, Photography, Google Review, KOL & Buzzer Management

Our Clients

- Esra

- Artisan Pro

- Ayam Geprek Belagu

- Ellys's Workshop

- Two Spaces Group

- Esura

- Miouw

- Nomar Kopi To Go

- Treeya Aesthetic

- New Light Bag

- Amazing School

- Shiny Care

- Natura Dentica

- Mayuri

- Kopi Doet